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Do Free Credit Scores Hurt My Credit?

Published on May 8, 2014 By admin

You want to check your free credit scores and reports but you might be wondering: Will it hurt my credit? This article can help! Sometimes trying to do the right thing for your finances has unintended consequences. You open a new credit card to take advantage of a balance transfer offer, but see your credit […]

Why Improving Your Credit Score May Be a Wise Resolution for 2014

Published on February 20, 2014 By admin

Ever considered a “pay day loan”? Check out the article below and avoid falling into the pay day loan trap and improve your financial position! To many, it may appear that Americans are as addicted to credit as they are to their favorite latte, and the lending and credit industry has reaped the benefits, especially from […]

How to Dig Yourself Out Of Debt

Published on August 5, 2013 By admin

Let’s face it, falling into debt is easy- especially if you’re supporting a family and responsibilities.  To help dig yourself out of debt utilize this Action Plan.   Share on Facebook

Credit Report vs. Credit Score: Do You Know the Difference?

Published on August 5, 2013 By admin

Credit scores and credit reports are not only different but they are used for different purposes. Since credit scores and credit reports are directly related, it is easy to confuse them with each other. Check out the article on US News Money to learn the difference between credit report and credit score.  Share on Facebook

Why it’s important to check your credit report

Published on February 12, 2013 By admin

Have you checked your credit report recently? If not, you could be in for a big surprise. A recent study published by the government indicates that over 42 million Americans have an error on their credit report. CNNMoney provides helpful tips on how to check your credit report for errors. As many as 42 million […]

6 Ways You Might Be Hurting Your Credit Score

Published on July 5, 2012 By admin

For the 99 percent of us who have less than perfect credit, knowing what helps and hurts can be confusing and downright frustrating. Thankfully for us the credit score gurus from U.S. News Money came up with 6 ways you may be hurting your credit score–and how to fix it. 1. Avoiding credit altogether. While […]

How to find the Perfect Apartment

Published on June 20, 2012 By admin

Looking for an a apartment can be stressful, but finding the perfect apartment can be close to impossible. Thank fully apartment experts from Investopedia offer a few tips on how to find the perfect without hurting your wallet–or credit score. Don’t Overspend The conventional wisdom is to not spend more than 30% of your annual […]

4 Reasons Why to Keep an Eye on Your Credit Score

Published on June 1, 2012 By admin

When’s the last time you checked your credit score? Many consumers only check their credit score when they’re looking for an a apartment or filling out a credit card application but checking your score often can be beneficial to your credit report. Credit guru, Jeanne Kelly, lists 4 reasons why to check your credit score […]

Master Your Credit Score

Published on December 6, 2011 By admin

Do you know your credit utilization rate off the top of your head? How about how many different types of credit you have? Better yet, do you know the amount of new credit you’ve opened in the last six months?  If you answered no to any of the above questions then it might be time […]

New Rules for Consumer Credit–What You Need to Know

Published on October 13, 2011 By admin

Your credit score is one of the most important factors to finding an apartment. You want at the price you can afford. New consumer rules have been put in place to aid the consumer in improving their credit score, one point at a time. Check out these helpful tips on what you can do for […]