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Occupancy Without Delinquency is ideal for any rental community.The idea that rent can be paid in-full and on-time every month should be the norm, not the exception.

Getting to that point, however, takes a commitment to working with a rental population to provide payment options that fit renters’ ability to effectively manage their finances while at the same time taming their payment habits.


NPS Rent Assurance™ through Payroll Direct Deposit provides the discipline necessary for payment reliability among enrolled residents, including late payment workout programs for residents who get behind.

Rental properties featured on this site have committed to providing conditional acceptance options that make it possible for you to benefit from lower cost move-in for applicants who are employed and can initiate direct payroll deposit from their employer, a standard feature with most payroll packages.

The economics of increased conversions and improved renter retention are well followed. Savvy professional know that capturing and keeping a sale requires top-notch service – and that includes access to automated payments.  In addition to cost savings to residents, automated payments also save time and wear and tear for community staff, who can reduce the hours they spend on collections. While not documented, it is widely believed that reducing collections responsibilities improves staff job satisfaction while reducing turnover.