What You Need to Know About Credit Scores to Get the Apartment You Want

Have You Ever…

…felt that your paycheck just wasn’t big enough to pay all your bills?  Have you ever wrestled with decisions about which bill to pay first?  Which debt collector could wait?  Who would charge the smallest late fee?

These are the types of decisions that hurt your credit score since every late bill payment is reported to national credit services.  Consider payment assurance with payroll direct deposit to help you keep your rent payments on track!

Payments through Rent Assurance with Payroll Direct Deposit are reported to a credit service in an effort to help participating renters rebuild their and repair their credit history.

Property companies use credit scores as one indicator of a future renter’s ability to pay rent on time.

Standard credit score requirements are set by each property company in order for applicants to qualify for an apartment lease. These standards vary by state, and even by community, but must be applied consistently for all applicants to the same community under Fair Housing guidelines developed by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development at http://www.hud.gov/offices/fheo/disabilities/fhefhag.cfm

Conditional Acceptance programs are offered by communities listed on this site. These communities understand that increasing numbers of Americans are now faced with daily challenges to paying their bills on time. Featured communities also know that most people want to pay their bills on time, but may have gotten behind when what was owed was more than what was in the bank or in their paycheck. That’s why–even if your credit has been hurt, many communities will work with you to get an apartment rental, provided you demonstrate that you intend to pay your rent on time!