What You Need to Know About Rent Assurance™ with Payroll Direct Deposit

Rent Assurance™ with Payroll Direct Deposit:  Renter 101

Rent Assurance™ with payroll direct deposit is a new service in the Multifamily apartment rental industry. Neighborhood Pay Services, LLC (NPS) is the innovator in rent assurance programs, and works with all communities featured.

Renter participation with Neighborhood Pay Services is completely voluntary for consumers who want to secure an apartment lease under conditional acceptance terms. Other standard screening requirements for rental and criminal history still apply.

Neighborhood Pay Services is independently owned and operated. NPS is not responsible for applicant credit screening for rental apartment leases or acceptance terms offered by featured property companies to prospective renters who visit this site. Enrollment with NPS is not a guarantee of acceptance for a rental lease. NPS is not a form of insurance and does not guarantee rent payments. Standard security deposits may be required in addition to participation with NPS. (See NPS Policies and Procedures)

Rent Assurance programs with payroll direct deposit help property companies to reduce payment risk, which in turn, enables them to offer rental leases to consumers whose credit may have been hurt.

Rent Assurance™ is a registered trademark of Neighborhood Pay Service Management, LLC.