An Alternative to Costly Upfront Deposits offers a free listing of apartment communities around the United States that are willing to offer favorable upfront acceptance terms to applicants who are employed and participate in rent payment assurance programs with payroll direct deposit.

These terms are offered as an alternative to increased upfront security deposits because payment assurance with payroll direct deposit helps property companies to know that funds will be put aside each pay period to pay rent.

Consumers embrace rent assurance because they know that their credit scores may result in higher upfront move-in costs (no matter the reason) and that their current situation requires a little extra effort to get the apartment they want.

Convenience and cost savings are the other big reasons that consumers sign up for rent payment assurance programs with payroll direct deposit.

Imagine never having to bring a check to the business office!

Never having to get a money order for rent!

Never being late on rent or pay late fees or court costs!

All because a portion of your rent was deposited each pay period for payment to the property company when rent is due!

Think of it like a monthly rent savings account. You put money in each paycheck to make sure you have enough to pay rent on the first of the upcoming month. Your property company is happy because they know they’ll be paid on time. And you can be happy knowing that you have the apartment you want. It’s win-win all around!

You must be employed by a company that offers payroll direct deposit in order to participate in rent assurance programs.




4 comments on “An Alternative to Costly Upfront Deposits

  1. People should have other alternatives. Not all credit is damaged out of willful wrong doing.

  2. I would like to use this service, but the website won’t show me any properties Incan apply to. I have had my credit hit hard due to a divorse, and a lengthy unemployed period of time
    Almost four years. Well I am gainfully employed now and in real need of an apart as soon as possible. I have lost the apartment I live in now and must vacate by May 1st. I have looked all over Staten Island NY and keep getting turned down due to a credit score of 585. I could use some help and advise before I am homeless which would mess up everything

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